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OiNK Founder Charged by Police, What's the Future of the Torrent Scene?


By: Spacelab Research Staff


After almost a year of nothingness, the OiNK peeps could be on the road to slaughter. On September 10th, Alan Ellis was charged with conspiracy to defraud for his work with the OiNK torrent tracker. Ellis was the founder of OiNK and could be facing jail time. Also taken down were some of the OiNK users, as reported by TorrentFreak:


"Two months (after May), two of the six alleged uploaders were released from further investigation, but (at least) two of the remaining four have been charged today. The alleged uploaders were charged with copyright infringement for uploading one CD. The “conspiracy to defraud” accusations vanished, as they were not mentioned."


So proceeds the next step of Operation Ark Royal, the investigation hatched by British police, Dutch authorities, with the help of the IFPI and the BPI. Alan Ellis has a court date at a Magistrates Court on September 24th.


Something to consider ... It might be extremely unfashionable to say, but no matter how much you want music to be free, no matter how much artists get ripped off by labels, no matter how much angst you have for the man, man -- the law might just be on the side of the copyright holders.


Which of course leaves everyone who drank the Kool-aid freaking about whether or not they'll be getting a letter in the mail. Big labels have wads of cash, long-standing relationships in the legal community, and an army of corporate lawyers to find ways to argue a case in court. How many lawyers do you have?

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