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Suddenly, the World
Is Full of Hot Chip


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Suddenly the world is full of Hot Chip, and Hot Chip, it seems, is walking with some big names.

The band recently added a song to Heroes, a War Child Music compilation that takes big names like Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and the Clash and asks them to pick a song from their repertoire and select a band to cover it. Hot Chip will be covering "Transmission" by Joy Division.

They've also just recorded a cover of Vampire Weekend's Cape Cod "Kwassa Kwassa" which not only mentions Peter Gabriel, but also includes him on the recording.

"We got to spend two days with Peter Gabriel, which was a massive, massive deal, as he's a massive influence on us. His use of rhythms and synths and world instruments, his songwriting structures ... made for a big hero to [singer] Alexis [Taylor] growing up. When we were producing [the track] and [Gabriel] stepped up to the microphone, [group member] Owen [Clarke] said it was like watching someone turn on the Peter Gabriel Machine, said Joe Goddard when speaking to Billboard.

As if that's not enough, well, there's also an EP of live material from Berlin on iTunes exclusive release, they've added new drummer Leo Taylor for live performances, and they've laid the groundwork for for a new album with lots of new material, as well as a remix album of their release Made in the Dark, called  Remade in the Dark. Hot Chip ... they do more before 5:00 AM than the rest of us do all day.


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