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Learning to Love Lovvers


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Having just stumbled on to Lovvers, I'm a bit of a newbie feeling my way around, but feeling the instant rush of a band that makes short, concise punk songs that have a distant love for the pop format. People who like No Age, Times New Viking, Black Lips, etc will really be able to jump in with this band.

They're trashy, thrashy, noisy and approachable, all at the same time.

Their new album, Think, comes out on September 29th, via Witchita Recordings.

 Video: Lovvers - Human Hair


Lovvers - Think Track List
1. Human Hair
2. No Romantics
3. The Kids (Laugh Out Loud)
4. Teenage Shutdown
5. No Fun
6. Wasted Youth
7. Talk Cheap



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