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Radiohead's Doing Very Well With In Rainbows Release, Thank You


By: Spacelab Research Staff

A year after the release of Radiohead's In Rainbows, one of the first major independent releases of an album by a high profile band, we finally get to see the results.


The band has done quite well with In Rainbows, as was reported by their music publisher Warner/Chappell last week at You Are In Control conference in Reykavik, Iceland. How ironic that a conference titled You Are In Control is being held in Iceland, a country who's financial system is even more out of control than the U.S. right now, but that's another story ...


Radiohead's In Rainbows has sold 1.75 million CDs.


"Today Warner Chappell’s Head of Business Affairs Jane Dyball will reveal that the digital publishing income from the first licence (for the Radiohead pay what you want site) alone dwarfed all the band’s previous digital publishing income and made a “material difference” to Warner Chappell UK’s digital income," reported the site Music Ally, whose own Paul Brindley spoke as a panelist at the conference.


That amounts to more money from the online pre-release of In Rainbows (pre-CD) than money made from the previous album Hail to the Thief altogether, in all formats. Add in the money from 1.75 million CDs, and it looks like Radiohead is doing quite well.


"For Warner it served to prove a point that by licensing directly (ie outside the collecting society network) and by offering a genuine one stop shop for licensing (ie combining all the digital rights into one offer from a single entity) the publisher was able to generate far more money for both themselves and the band than would have been possible under the traditional system," said Music Ally.


And after all of the back and forth accounts over the past year of Radiohead's success and failure of the In Rainbows release, it looks like it was a success after all.


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