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Greg Dulli

MySpace Turns Into Your Space With the Addition of IODA Artists


By: Spacelab Research Staff

After everyone worked it up into a much bigger deal than it ever was, MySpace has added IODA artists to its lineup of artists that get paid. Maybe it was in response to the melodramatic, knee-jerk uproar all over the web; maybe they were working on a deal the whole time and we were all blowing a lot of hot air.


So let's jump in the way back machine to when MySpace Music launched, to find that they included the four big heavy record labels and the Orchard. Missing: IODA, Merlin, A2IM, and a deal for the unrepresented.


Jumping back to today, we find that IODA and all of its components are in, but Merlin, A2IM and the huddled masses of the unrepresented are still unaccounted for.


IODA is a San Francisco-based distributor of independent music whose repertoire includes Animal Collective, Yo La Tengo and Tokyo Police Club.



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