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Black Francis, Cassettes Won't Listen, Dean & Britta and More in on Cure Tribute + Streams


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Just when you were wondering ... "when's someone gonna do a Cure covers album?", along comes a Cure covers album. Imagine the coincidence.


American Laundromat Records will release Just Like Heaven - A Tribute to the Cure on January 27th. It features a lot of names ... Dean & Britta, The Brunettes, The Submarines, Tanya Donelly & Dylan in the Movies, The Rosebuds, Elk City, Devics, Grand Duchy (Violet Clark & Black Francis), Cassettes Won't Listen and more.


"[Gwen and I] were streaming WOXY one day and on came a Cure song. We both just looked at each other and the light bulbs went off. Two days later we started contacting artists. It all came together very quickly. Much easier than anything we've produced so far," said Joe Spadaro, ALR co-producer.


See how easy that is? You just listen to a web radio station, and the ideas come a' flowin'.


"The oeuvre of The Cure is, to me, the musical equivalent of the Encyclopedia Britannica – an amazing reference tool for researching the myriad ways one can approach the task of constructing a flawless, unique, hooky, synth-based pop song, over and over and over. There's the hilariously vibrant, catchy tunes, and then the gorgeous ones that haunt," said Violet Clark, who performs A Strange Day with Black Francis as Grand Duchy.


 STREAM: The Lovecats - Tanya Donelly & Dylan In The Movies


 STREAM: Friday I'm In Love - Dean & Britta


 STREAM: Let's Go To Bed - Cassettes Won't Listen


 STREAM: A Strange Day - Grand Duchy



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