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Nine Inch Nails

The NIN 3D Film That
Will Never Be


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Trent Reznor has said the he's abandoned plans for a 3D concert film. He was hoping to add the show to the end of the current NIN tour schedule for 2008, with the idea of going out on a bang and using James Cameron (Titanic, etc) to shoot the film.


But not now, thanks to a recording label the chooses not to name, it's too late to set up the show in line with the current tour.


"I made two critical mistakes. One was to approach a certain record company that owns some of the song rights about producing / funding. The second was to allow said company to fuck around as usual for months before saying um... no," said Trent in a posting at the Nine Inch Nails web site.


The film would have been released in theaters and on DVD. Maybe there's an opportunity to film 2009? Possibly ... he found alternate funding but makes no mention of plans to do it in 2009.


"We then achieved the impossible by finding alternate production / funding but the timetable is too rushed to get it filmed comfortably with the remaining time left on the tour. This tour and a lot of the personnel involved finish at the end of this leg, so we can't push filming into Jan / Feb."


 VIDEO: Nine Inch Nails - Echoplex


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