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Sole and the Skyrider Band

Sole and the Skyrider Band Release Free Promo Album


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Taking a clue from Mr. Reznor, and knowing that music that gets released for free also sells more copies, Sole and the Skyrider Band just released a free online version of their new remix album.


"This is the first release where we are trying a new promotional model, a model where we will not send out a single promo. fans, press, & radio will get the record all at the same time, and decide whether they want to pay for it, review it, play it, or whatever else people do with mp3 files nowadays," said the group via their web site.


It features remix contributions from the likes of Fog, Electric President, Thavius Beck, Odd Nosdam, Sleeper, Son Lux and more. 13 tracks of whole grain remixed goodness from Sole and his peeps.


The real version comes out on February 3rd on Sole's new imprint Black Canyon Records.




 MP3: Sole and the Skyrider Band Remix Album


 VIDEO:Sole and the Skyrider Band




Sole and the Skyrider Band: Remix Album Track List
1. sad day for investors (astronautalis remix)
2. ghost assassinating other ghosts ( telephone jim jesus remix)
3. magnum (sleeper remix)
4. 100 light years and running (son lux remix)
5. bridges let us down (thavius beck remix)
6. bones of pets (bit tuner remix)
7. in paradise (dj egadz remix)
8. nothing is free (radical face remix)
9. stupid things implode on themselves fog
10.one egg short of the omlette (nosdam remix)
11. sound of head on concrete (dosh remix)
12.shipwreckers (otem rellik remix)
13. on cavalry (pictureplane remix )


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