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Mick Harvey

Mick Harvey Leaves the Bad Seeds


By: Spacelab Research Staff

Mick Harvey, longtime member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, has decided that it's time to move on. In an announcement made on the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds MySpace, he said:


"For a variety of personal and professional reasons I have chosen to discontinue my ongoing involvement with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. After 25 years I feel I am leaving the band as it experiences one of its many peaks; in very healthy condition, and with fantastic prospects for the future."


The band had just completed a run at the new Australian version of All Tomorrow's Parties, and feels like he went out on a high note.


"It was a fantastic experience to finish my touring days in the band with the recent shows in Australia and the unique events that took place in conjunction with All Tomorrow's Parties, especially Mt. Buller, which was one of the many highlights of my involvement with the band throughout the years," he said.


In the mean time, he's looking to the future. Although he didn't articulate on what that future involves, he said "I shall continue working on the Bad Seeds back catalogue re-issues project over the coming year and look forward to the new opportunities I shall be able to accommodate as a result of my changed circumstances."



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