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Double Dagger

Baltimore's Double Dagger
Double Down on New Album


By: Spacelab Research Staff

After signing to the chicago-based Thrill Jockey Records late last year, Double Dagger are close to finishing their debut album for the label.


A recent press release fortells of a band buried deep in Baltimore and hard at work on the album: "The band has been hard at work recording in the upper reaches of the Current Gallery in Baltimore. Braving freezing temperatures and utilizing a lot of duct tape, extension cords and space heaters to stay warm, the band decided to record the album themselves in order to take their time and make sure they captured the live energy they're known for."


The post-punk, post-rock, post-everything band has a straightforward and energetic style, merging a slightly pop approach to something akin to polished punk, shiny and cagey but smooth at the same time. With rough edges and noise along the way.


 MP3: Double Dagger - Various MP3s


 STREAM - Double Dagger



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