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Oberman Knocks  

Oberman Knocks – 13th Smallest


By: Alex Hegazy


How about some scattered beats? How about some mysteriously warped vocal samples and persistent atmospheric stops and starts? How about Andrea Parker’s new label adventure? Yep it’s been a while since we heard what Parker was up to.


Miami bass investigations, this lady has shown us the darkside of
electronic experimentation. Now her path mysteriously unravels in a
new unchartered direction, as always, keeping ahead of mainstream
trends. Here on offer is the first release on Aperture and it defies
easy catergorisation falling somewhere between dubstep warriorism and
WARP’s sci fi oscillations.

And what of Oberman Knocks? Real name: Nigel Truswell. Origin:
Sheffield. Occupation: Graphic designer. Mission: using three pieces
of software, a minidisc recorder and a cheap mic, to creatively dodged
the painstaking technical talk of the usual electronic artist. Result:
he has delved into an unconscious realm of concrete jungles and back
street laboratories to produce haunting, deep rumbling, sounds where
each irregularity unveils a new area of soundscape. Nigel has been
identified as being under the influence of Mira Calix and Autechre’s
techno manglings.


With song titles like ‘Indomine Rhittiger Plans By Four’ and ‘Holtzen
Anger Mine’ you can begin to imagine what to unexpect. Just when you
think a groove is building up, the bottom drops out and the musical
configuration resets and flows into another space like on ‘Beckerton
First Draft’. And there are no lyrics here, no vocal harmonies but
cybernetic mutterings and mutations like on ‘Motor Sepple Freak’ - the
music on offer here wouldn’t be out of place as a backdrop to an early
Cronenberg remake.


This is a complete antithesis to the status quo and refreshingly so.
Push the ‘venture forth’ button and experience a strange new world.

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