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The Return of Sunset Rubdown

By: Spacelab Research Staff

Spencer Krug has been plotting his next return while sitting up there in Montreal, and decided that the Summer of 2009 will be the right time. He'll do it this time in the form of a Sunset Rubdown album titled Dragonslayer. The album marks the 4th release under the Sunset Rubdown project. This of course is also in addition to his current Swan Lake release of Enemy Mine.


The album recorded last Fall, and will mark a new method for the band, built on the foundation of the old. Rather than building up layers of studio magic, the band took a more direct approach.


"Sunset Rubdown's previous release on Jagjaguwar, Random Spirit Lover, was a studio-built album, in that much of it was written while recording (built up in separate layers, with almost all the vocals needing to be overdubbed). With the new album, the band wanted to try something completely different. It was a very conscious decision, and not a "natural progression." The result is an album that feels honest, natural, and straightforward. The musicianship is left in the open, unassisted by studio magic, and the songs are left to justify for themselves their own screwy pop-rock existence," reads the release from their label, Jagjaguwar.


There's also a 7" single coming out on Aagoo Records titled Sunset Rubdown Introducing Moonface, featuring the tracks "Coming to the Dawn" and "Insane Love is Awakening." The songs were written and recorded by Spencer Krug. There's no fixed release date yet, but it's due some time in early April.


Dragonslayer is scheduled for release on June 23rd.



Sunset Rubdown: Dragonslayer Track List
01 Silver Moons
02 Idiot Heart
03 Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!
04 Black Swan
05 Paper Lace
06 You Go on Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)
07 Nightingale / December Song
08 Dragon's Lair


Sunset Rubdown Introducing Moonface Track List
01 Coming to at Dawn
02 Insane Love Is Awakening



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