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Kevin Shields on Why My Bloody Valentine 2.0 Will Be Different

By: Spacelab Research Staff

You might want to make sure that your sitting down for this one ... the next new music you hear from My Bloody Valentine might be influenced by old blues music. In a recent interview with the Dallas Observer, Kevin Shields talks about his time spent with Bobby Gillespie and Primal Scream, and how Gillespie would play old blues tapes after shows.

"That style of folk-blues music, I would say is weirdly enough like Loveless. That style of songwriting, where you have the verses and then the instrumental breaks. I suppose, if I were to say there's any kind of music in the world that feels really natural to me, it's that kind. Not just folk-blues, but folk music in general."

What's more, this summer might represent the last glimpse of My Bloody Valentine 1.0. There's the much-talked-about next album, which was started back in 1996 and will hopefully be released by the band before the end of the year. They'll probably play some selected songs from that at various shows this summer, but after that, they'll start from scratch and form My Bloody Valentine 2.0.

"After the end of August, we'll have a radical change. Just what that change means, though, isn't so clear. Everything ... Lineup, we might expand a bit. In that respect, we'll add another member to the group, just to do more stuff. And sound-wise, absolutely. You know, it'll be...taking a different approach."



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