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Jarvis Cocker
Get Your Gig On ... Jarvis Cocker to Perform at Gallery in Paris

By: Spacelab Research Staff

In the latest installment of out there concepts, Jarvis Cocker is reaching for the stars with a new set of gigs at Galerie Chappe in Paris. He's encouraging people to bring instruments to jam with the band, as well as a number of classes put on by the gallery for yoga, pilates and relaxation.

You'll be able to watch the whole thing at his website .

Jarvis is calling the whole thing a set of public rehearsals, choosing to take the time to focus on art as music again. He's hoping that looking at music as just a product is on the decline.

"I have lost count of the number of articles proclaiming the imminent or actual death of the music industry. Does this mean that music can now go back to being an art form again? & If so, is it the first art form to begin adapting itself to the post-capitalist society we now find ourselves living in? Or is it just something you get free when you buy a mobile phone? Digital content," he said in a statement.

He and the band will be at Galerie Chappe from May 5 -10.


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