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Broken Social Scene
Broken No More: The Reuniting of Broken Social Scene

By: Spacelab Research Staff

They're gettin' the band back togetther! After numerous alternate projects took their attention away from the central gig that brought them together in the first place, Broken Social Scene are back in the studio and starting to work on a new album.


The band spent some weeks recently at Chuck Spearin’s house reuniting, hanging out, and working out the new songs.


They're currently work at Soma Studio in Chicago with John McEntire, after an inital one-day session with him last year.


"We did a one-day session with John last October and it was a perfect fit. This plan has been in the works for nine months and it has all come together quite sweetly in the moments leading up to being here," writes Kevin Drew on on the band's web site.


They've also made a temporary departure from working with David Newfeld, who the band has worked with in the past. All's good, Kevin tells us.


"To be here is a departure for us since our two previous records have been made by David Newfeld...He just finished making the new most serene republic record and is now busy working with our friends from México city, the very excellent chikita violenta. He is a very busy man at the moment but we have discussed plans for the future.... "


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