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The Definitive Warp Album - Voting is Almost Closed ...
Who's in the Top 10?

By: Spacelab Research Staff

Time's almost up to vote on Warp Records' Top 10 songs of all time ... who's in the top ten right now? As it turns out, a lot of the classics: Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Squarepusher, LFO ... the names you probably think of when you think of Warp Records.

It's all part of a push to create a collaborative effort to create The Definitive Warp Album. Warp will take the top ten user votes, combine them with their top ten, and voila! The Definitive Warp Album. There's also special shows, releases and more in the works to celebrate 20 years of innovation.

Warp Records Top Ten Right Now:
01 Aphex Twin- Windowlicker
02 Boards of Canada - Roygbiv
03 Battles - Atlas
04 Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car
05 LFO - LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix)
06 Plaid - Eyen
07 Luke Vibert - I Love Acid
08 Autechre - Gantz Graf
09 Jimmy Edgar - I Wanna Be Your STD
10 Clark - Herzog



Tags: Warp Records

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