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Jack White

Jack White Is Trying To Revamp The Music Business


By: Spacelab Research Staff
Jack White has embarked on a mission to revamp the way labels sell their music to the masses. He's just announced the launch of the Vault, the online subscription service that let's you buy into a steady stream of access to goods from Third Man Records.


All in all, he's looking around and trying new things. People don't really buy whole albums as much as they used to, and that leaves labels in a lurch for trying to get by while a fair amount of people buy a few songs at a time, or download them for free from an ever-growing number of places to download music.


On the label side: the subscription fee is something to bank on. A steady stream of payment in troubled economic times gives a label a fair amount of predictability in terms of how much cash will come in next month.


On the fan side: you no longer have to go out, buy an album, and end it there. You get a lot more goods in the form of exclusive videos, podcasts, "insider" information and the ability to buy pre-sale tickets.


So how does the member ship thing work? There are two membership tiers: Premuim ($7 a month) and Platinum ($20 a month). Premium gets you access to a lot of online video, chat rooms, artist news (which is as good as public when subscribers get to it and republish it) and pre-sale concert tickets and pay-per-view concerts.


Platinum gives you all of that plus quarterly 12" vinyl and 7" releases. Oh, and t-shirts! Because it's all about the t-shirts.


What's more, there appears to be a temporary New York store opening up in conjunction with the Dead Weather's descent into the city for
a show. The store will be located on the Lower East Side, at 131 Chrystie Street


• exclusive pre-sale concert tickets
• streaming video
• video messages
• official chat rooms
• photos
• artist updates
• pay per view live concerts


• includes all online content
• quarterly Third Man 12" LPs
• extremely limited 7" records
• t-shirts


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