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Holopaw Return From the Ashes of a Band Split, With a New Label and Album
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By: Spacelab Research Staff

A newly reformed and revitalized Holopaw will return in November, bouncing back from the fallout of departed members Michael Johnson, Ryan Gensemer, and Tobi Echeveria and the ending of the relationship with Sub Pop Records. But the band shows no signs of taking it on the chin.

John Orth and Jeff Hays wrote a lot of new material, then added the new band: Patrick Quinney (guitar), Jody Bilinski (drums), Krista Molinaro (cello), Jeff Mcmullen (bass) and Matt Radick.

"I don't believe that many people actually sing these days.  Generally "singing" usually sounds like some sort of talking or yelling in tune.  Bjork sings, Chan Marshall of Cat Power sings, that Thom Yorke fellow from Radiohead sings, and yes, you saw it coming.  John Orth from Holopaw also sings.  That's what really grabbed me: the singing and the lyrics," said Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock when describing the Holopaw experience.

In the run up to the album release, they'll release a 7" single in October on Houseplant Records, with "The Hobbyist and the Conductor (Avalanche)" from the album and the B-side, "Snow-packed Hush," which will only be available on the single.

Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness was recorded in Brooklyn at  The Civil Defense studios by Jeremy Scott (Woods, Vivian Girls, These Are Powers) and will be released on CD, vinyl and MP3 on November 3rd by Bakery Outlet (CD) and Obscurist Press (vinyl).


 MP3: Holopaw - The Art Teacher and The Little Stallion


 MP3: Holopaw - Little Stallion with a Glass Jaw



Holopaw: Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness Track List
1. The Art Teacher and the Little Stallion
2. The Lazy Matador
3. P-a-l-o-m-i-n-e
4. Little Stallion with a Glass Jaw
5. The Last Transmission (Honeybee)
6. Oh, Glory
7. Boys on Motorbikes
8. Cherry Glow
9. Black Lacquered Shame
10. The Conductor and the Hobbyist (Avalanche)
11. Snow-packed Hush


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