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Flaming Lips - Embryonic Release and Pop Up Store and MySpace Secret Show
Flaming Lips Big Week: Secret Show, Pop-Up Happenings, and Oh Yeah, A New Album
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By: Spacelab Research Staff

The Flaming Lips are going all out for this week's release of their magnum opus Embryonic. They're playing a so-called secret show (cat's outta the bag) at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in LA on the same day. It seems destined to be a Fantasy Island scenario in waiting. It's part of the series of MySpace Secret shows that get very heavily promoted. Oh, the irony.


There are 1,200 tickets will be given away at the theatre and Amoeba Records on a first-come-first-to-get-to-go-the-show basis.


They're creating a pop-up store in Los Angeles, a one-time-one-day location to hawk their wares on all things Embryonic. This includes the Embryonic Furry Package, a furry package designed to look good with the caveman jet-set as they hunt down mastadons and things in colder climates. Every hunter needs a soundtrack. The pop-up goes down on Thursday, October 15th, the same day as the show. You can even win tickets if you go to the store.

You can also stream the entire album, for a limited time, at NPR Music.


 STREAM: Flaming Lips - Embryonic (Full Album)


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