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The Dead Weather
Weathering the Storm: The Dead Weather and Their New Album
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By: Spacelab Research Staff

The Dead Weather are proving themselves to be anything but deadbeats, as they apparently have completed half of a new album.


"We kind of wrote 15 songs in three days. We had three days off at one point which we didn't expect. They [the songs] sound great. I really like them. We've been playing three or four of them on stage so they keep changing all the time," said Allison Mosshart when speaking to BBC's Radio 1.


The band will continue to write and record, with some of the work due to happen before the end of this year.


"In between now and Christmas I'm going to go back to Nashville [White's home] at some point. I think I'll spend most of December in America and finish the second record. So there will be more."


No word yet on an official album release or date. The band did just release an alternate take on their Cut Like A Buffalo video, with Jack White and a belly dancer dancing around the stage in mystic moves.


 VIDEO: The Dead Weather - Cut Like A Buffalo Version II


 VIDEO: Dead Weather - Treat Me Like Your Mother


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