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The Plight of MySpace

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By: Spacelab Research Staff


The long lost MySpace, once the dominant space of social networking and music, is facing the music. They've decided to throw in the towel on Facebook and start focusing on what they're good at and what their (remaining) audience wants ... New improvements to the site and a keeping up with the times. MySpace seems to have focused more on the board room-side of things and forgotten that their site is nothing without an audience.


Stop competing with Facebook
Rather than trying do the horse race with Facebook (which they've been losing for a while now), MySpace will focus on music and video games, a common interest with the MySpace audience. MySpace is best known for its music and band pages, so this seems like a no brainer. Video games seem like a smart addition.


Stopped innovating
When NewsCorp took over MySpace a while back, there was a big public fear that they would change and 'corporatize' MySpace. As a result, they left MySpace alone, hoping to retain users. The result? The exodus began as people realized over time that MySpace was becoming stale. Strange irony.


"The thing you see in this space more than anything else is that if you don't keep innovating and moving forward, you get in trouble. You can't stop. And MySpace stopped," said Jonathan Miller on Thursday at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.


Opening to developers
As a nod to Apple's continued success with its App Store, and Facebook's open platform for developers, MySpace is opening its platform to developers to make third-party apps for MySpace. They're late to the party on this one, as they took the old-world media approach of the last century in trying to develop all of their tools themselves, rather than opening to the collective power of the Internet. Better late than never on this one.


MySpace also announced last week that it's adding an Artist Dashboard as a data and analytics tool, an upgraded MySpace Music Video player, and the opportunity to connect to iTunes to make a purchase. That'll be a good start.


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