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Google's Music Service and Its Transition from Search Engine to Content Provider
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By: Spacelab Research Staff


Google recently made deals with iLike and LaLa, two online music services that will be integrated into Google searches with streaming music players. Often called Google Music, Google Audio or One Box, the feature will expand Google's ability to integrate a variety of information and media into one centralized page.


LaLa and iLike are streaming and download services that let users initially stream a track for free, but charge for continued streaming or downloading an MP3.


Google's One Box initiative will provide links for songs and artist information into one integrated page for an artists. The pages will include videos, images, album artwork, lyrics, links to news and song downloads.


This sees Google starting to cross the threshold from search engine to content provider, as the songs will be streamed right on the Google page. I guess this makes sense when you can charge for ads that will be playing alongside the streaming. Google could make big ca$h from this.


On the other hand, some see this as an underwhelming approach, as LaLa is everywhere, and an average service. Streaming can be done from all over the web, so why will users stay on Google's bland pages and bland user experience to listen to music?


The One Box dealio will debut on October 28th.


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