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Bing and Google Are All-A-Twitter

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By: Spacelab Research Staff


Can't keep up with the Jones's on Twitter? Now you can use Bing or Google to track down the latest tweets of whatever fascination the web is pulsing at break-neck speed.


In the continuing obsession to make everything real-time on the web, meaning that search engines return results from things that have happened within the past few minutes rather than the past few days, Bing and Google are adding Twitter to its growing list of items to track.


So maybe the larger question to ask is ... are we approaching a Twitter bubble? How much can the web obssess over a basic service that really is not used effectively in 99% of its tweets? Breaking news aside, how much good information do you get on Twitter compared to a lot of stuff that you don't even (need to) remember a week later?


Tags: Google, Bing, Twitter

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