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Spoon Me: New Album From Spoon In 2010
Spoon Me: New Album From Spoon In 2010
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By: Spacelab Research Staff

January will be time for you to take your musical medicine, with a Spoon. The band is releasing a new full length album on Merge Records on January 26th. It's titled Transference, and will bestow 11 new tracks of music, the first new full length offering since Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.


Spoon also just offered a new live version of the track Everything Hits At Once via their web site.


Spoon: Transference Track List:
1. Before Destruction
2. Is Love Forever?
3. The Mystery Zone
4. Who Makes Your Money
5. Written in Reverse
6. I Saw the Light
7. Trouble Comes Running
8. Goodnight Laura
9. Out Go the Lights
10. Got Nuffin
11. Nobody Gets Me But You


Tags: Moby

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