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Beach House
Beach House Break Free on Teen Dream
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By: Spacelab Research Staff

Beach House totally upended the way they go about making music on their new album Teen Dream. Instead of making music that would be associated with the night, sleeping, and umm, other nocturnal activities, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally set out to do things differently.


“When we did Devotion, we did it because we really felt the need to keep making it, even though we were touring. Teen Dream was much more like a plunge into isolation, much more of shutting things out and working long hours and really obsessing on things,” said Alex Scally when speaking to Paste Magazine.


As a result, the band escaped their old recording studio (the bedroom), and tried recording with producer Chris Coady in upstate New York, in a studio that used to be a church.


“We’ve gone out of the bedroom, and there’s more of a wildness emerging,” Legrand said.


Teen Dream comes out on January 26th on Sub Pop Records.


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