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Ted Leo In A Matador Shocker
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By: Spacelab Research Staff

Back when Matador Records signed Ted Leo earlier this year, they signed him based on his past history, not knowing what the future would bring in terms of new music. They've been so shocked by Ted's new music, they might even give up showering.

Matador Records is all wrapped in hyperbole about the release, trumpeting it as the greatest thing since greatest things started being called out (as any good label should), but this time they sound more serious than usual. They're using the words career-defining.

The new album is titled The Brutalist Bricks, is  due out on March 9th, and was  recorded at Brooklyn’s Seaside Lounge.

Give the first offering a listen
, the song has a nice split between the realist punk bravado Ted is known for and a good pop song.


 MP3: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Even Heroes Have To Die


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