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Vevo To Launch This Week
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By: Spacelab Research Staff

Vevo is planning to launch this week, ending a long period of building and testing. What will Vevo be like? What's going inside its Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-like walls?


Vevo has been put together by Universal Music Group, Sony and Google as a rival and competitor to Hulu.


YouTube will provide the infrastructure for the new site, Universal will provide the videos, and together they'll create something just like a video channel on YouTube except for the fact that Universal wants to make it its own, and to own it, and thus profit from it in a different way than other Google content owners. Cash is king, baby.


The videos will alternately be available on YouTube as a Universal channel.


Universal will also make these videos available on their own web site, using the same back-end service. YouTube will also be able to make some money off of the playback of videos and ads on the Universal site. I believe the awkward corporate buzzword here is synergy.


All three of these incarnations will use a super special Vevo-branded player, which opens a Pandora's box of questions. Can the player be embedded? Will they take the old school approach and make you come to their own sites to view the videos?


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