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Javelin Want You To Design The Cover Of EP Number Two
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By: Spacelab Research Staff

Javelin are reaching out to fans to create their own cover for their the release of their next EP. Creatively titled Number Two, fans are allowed to have their say in the user experience of the EP, designing their own cover and having it screened on the EP for them by Thrill Jockey Records.


Javelin is known for its low powered FM broadcast shows, in which they stack boomboxes (affectionately called Boombatas) in pyramids and encourage audience members to bring boomboxes, creating a participation-oriented show. Their sound is an eclectic cut-and-paste workout of found sounds and music.


The band got creative on their first EP by designing the covers with hand-screened artwork on each copy and housed them in old used-bin record sleeves.


The entries/orders for the album are due by January 18th, and the EP release is February 16th. All submissions must be delivered to the label at the address below. The track list is below also.


Thrill Jockey Records
P.O. Box 08038
Chicago, IL 60608


Side A

Side AA
Good Morning Minneapolis
Nasty Canasta


  STREAM: Javelin - TWYCE


  STREAM: Javelin - Various Tracks


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