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Pandora Looks to Make Inroads Into Your Car
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By: Spacelab Research Staff

If you're not already using things like the iPhone to stream music in your car and give you relief from the desperate sameness of FM radio, or the bulk of the CD binder, you're in luck in the near future.


Pandora is looking to work its way into your car. Chief Technology Officer Tom Conrad recently told the SF Music Tech Summit that Pandora is working with car manufacturers to bring Pandora into the car's entertainment system. They've started working with Ford and will work with others.


Think of it this way: streaming music from the web will replace the FM radio in your car, at which point you'll have a huuuge variety of music to listen to while stuck in traffic. Not a bad concept.


Pandora is a long way from 2008, when they were fading from existence.


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