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OiNK Trial Begins: BitTorrent Guy Facing Jail Time
OiNK Trial Begins: BitTorrent Guy Facing Jail Time
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
January 11th, 2010

OiNK founder Alan Ellis is finally getting his day in court for a charge of conspiracy to defraud for his work with the OiNK BitTorrent tracker. Ellis was the founder of OiNK and could be facing jail time.


It was all part of Operation Ark Royal, an investigation hatched by British police, Dutch authorities, with the help of the IFPI and the BPI.


The trial kicked off last week with the news that the site made 21 million downloads possible, and that Alan Ellis had made about £190,000 ($300,000 ) from the site. It was operational from 2004 to the time it was shut down in 2007, with a height of about 200,000 members. OiNK was legendary for its painstaking attention to detail in sound quality and organization of files, making it a favorite for people finding music.


Something to consider ... Although it's been extremely unfashionable to say, but no matter how much you want music to be free, no matter how much artists get ripped off by labels, no matter how much angst you have for the man, man -- the law might just be on the side of the copyright holders.


Which of course leaves everyone who drank the Kool-aid freaking about whether or not they'll be getting a letter in the mail about their own downloads. Big labels have wads of cash, long-standing relationships in the legal community, and an army of corporate lawyers to find ways to argue a case in court. How many lawyers do you have?


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