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Why? Drummer Josiah Wolf Gets New Solo Album
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
January 19th, 2010

Why? drummer Josiah Wolf is stepping out with a new solo release this year. Titled Jet Lag, it will be a full-length release due out on March 2nd via the same label as Why?, Anticon Records.

There's definitley a small Why? sound stamp on this, but it really holds its own musical personality. Josiah sounds a little like his brother Yoni on vocals, but has his own more frenetic style. The music is more rythm oriented, with lots drums front and center. Check out the track The Trailer and the Truck.


 MP3: Josiah Wolf - The Trailer and the Truck

Jet Lag Track List:
01 The Trailer and the Truck
02 Master Cleanse (California)
03 The Opposite of Breathing
04 The New Car
05 Skull in the Ice
06 The Apart Meant
07 That Kind of Man
08 Ohioho
09 Is the Body Hung
10 In the Seam
11 Gravity Defied
12 The One Sign


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