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Frank Black: New NonStopErotik Album and Movie
Frank Black: New NonStopErotik Album and Movie
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
January 24, 2010

Frank Black is due to release his new solo album, NonStopErotik on April 5th. It was was co-produced by Eric Drew Feldman and will include a cover of the Flying Burrito Brothers' song "Wheels."

He's also realistic that despite the April 5th release date, the album will probably be available before then. "No word yet as to when or where NSE will be leaked but we can assure you it will be," reads a posting on the Frank Black web site.

There's a film to go along with NonStopErotik, which is being created by Judy Jacobs and is looking towards a release in theaters and DVD.

The album was recorded in both London and Los Angeles, but the London location proved to be haunted, according the Frank Black.

"I wrote many a couplet by candlelight in the studio accommodation, slept very little, and only felt the need to get the f--- out of there fast on the last night. The spirits had not ever bothered me, other than low drama moral support, but I was informed that they had heard enough and it was time to move on," he said in a press release.

It will be the first full length Frank Black album since Bluefinger in 2007. He also released the Svn Fngrs EP.

Old boy might be 44 years old now, but he's showing no signs of slowing down. In edition to the new Frank Black album, his band Grand Duchy is in the studio to record new material. Previous to that, he was working with Winston Calling on their album, Let The People Speak. Mr. Black is the new populist.

But there's more! Pixies will also be touring in Australia in March, as well as the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona in May.

You can still download the free 20th Anniversary of Doolittle Live EP from the band's web site.

NonStopErotik Track List
01 Lake of Sin
02 O My Tidy Sum
03 Rabbits
04 Wheels
05 Dead Mans Curve
06 Corrina
07 Six Legged Man
08 Wild Son
09 When I Go Down On You
10 Nonstoperotik
11 Cinema Star


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