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Apples In Stereo Go Future Perfect On Travellers In Time and Space
Apples In Stereo Go Future Perfect On Travellers In Time and Space
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
January 27, 2010

The new Apples In Stereo album is getting the full future perfect treatment. Titled Travellers In Time and Space, it comes out on April 20th via a partnership of three labels: Yep Roc, Elijah Woods' Simian Records and Elephant 6. Here are the words used to describe the sound of the album in a statement from Yep Roc:

retro-futuristic super-pop
vocoder harmonies
sci-fi sound effects
70's AM radio filtered through a UFO

It sounds like a full-on Apples In Stereo album!

"I wanted to make a futuristic pop record, to reach out to the kids of the future. It is what I imagine their more highly-evolved pop might sound like: shiny soul music with robots and humans singing together, yet informed by the music of our time. So we are sending a pop music message through time, hoping they will decode it and be into it," said Robert Schneider when speaking about the album.

This is the first AIS album to feature new drummer John Dufilho (The Deathray Davies).

Apples In Stereo: Travellers In Time and Space Track List
01 The Code
02 Dream About the Future
03 Hey Elevator
04 Strange Solar System
05 Dance Floor
06 CPU
07 No One in the World
08 Dignified Dignitary
09 No Vacation
10 Told You Once
11 It's All Right
12 Next Year at About the Same Time
13 Floating in Space
14 Nobody But You
15 Wings Away
16 Time Pilot


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