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Frog Eyes Sign To Dead Oceans, New Album Soon
Frog Eyes Sign To Dead Oceans, New Album Soon
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
February 02, 2010

Frog Eyes are ready with a new album that's been perk-perk-percolating over last three years and will be released on April 27th. It's titled Paul's Tomb: A Triumph. Casey Mercer and his band will find new life for a new album on Dead Oceans, the band's new home.

Check out an advance track with the song "A Flower in a Glove." It's the nine minute opening song.

What's different this time is that the Frog Eyes approach breaks out of the "cleverness ghetto," as Dead Oceans puts it. Mr. Mercer found a better way to package the holistic whole of the Frog Eyes sound.

The vocals were also recorded in live takes, to remove the cold compression that happens when bands do lots if individual recording takes, only to end up pasting together bunch of disjointed samples that are not connected in any way.

"This approach has captured a rawness, a punk rock spirit too often smothered by Pro Tools," reads the Dead Oceans announcement.


 MP3: Frog Eyes - A Flower In A Glove

Frog Eyes: Paul's Tomb: A Triumph Track List
01 A Flower in a Glove
02 The Sensitive Girls
03 Odetta's War
04 Rebel Horns
05 Lear, in the Park
06 Styled by Dr. Roberts
07 Lear in Love
08 Violent Psalms
09 Paul's Tomb


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