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Asthmatic Kitty Records Gets Roberto Lange 10 Year Reissue Retrospective
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
February 15, 2010

Asthmatic Kitty is celebrating 10 years of music of Epstein Y El Conjunto a.k.a. Epstein/Roberto Lange/Helado Negro with some downloads and a reissuing of all of his music.

It's timed to go with his release of When Man Gets Full He Falls Asleep on March 9th.


 VIDEO: Helado Negro - Dahum

Epstein: When Man Gets Full He Falls Asleep
01 Arrival to New York (a short story about getting there)
02 When we Hide (this time)
03 Vilcabamba
04 El Condor Despierta (El Conjunto Edit)
05 I can Memorize you (can you?)
06 Una Tarde
07 Gallop
08 Needed
09 BgBgBg (offset tape splice)
10 Our Brain That Wouldn't Die
11 Temporary
12 A Lost Animal (featuring School of Seven Bells)
13 Ting and Pinge
14 There's a Way under (Here)


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