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Dangerbird Signs Hot Hot Heat, New Video Available
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
March 17, 2010

Canadian band Hot Hot Heat have signed with L.A's Dangerbird Records for the release of their new album. It's due out later this year.

The band just posted a new video for the song "Times A Thousand."

The band might be taking a different approach this time around, as a post from band leader Steve Bays said late last year:

"I had become uninspired by the old school structure of rehearse, write, demo, wait for the label to give you money to record, tour and then do it again in two years.  I wanted to record WAY more often, have it sound WAY weirder, and make the demos - the INITIAL ideas- BE the record! So we built the studio (Tugboat Place), I taught myself how to engineer, and we spent months of working/playing till dawn every day... and now we have a new HHH record that is by far my favorite thing we've ever done... not to mention of ton of recorded material that will be coming out later, and a way to be writing and recording constantly..! "


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