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Elbow Push For Full Album Format Decision
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
March 23, 2010

Elbow singer Guy Garvey wants artists to have the ability to decide whether the online release of their albums is delivered in a complete format or as individual songs (or both).


Speaking to BBC's 6Music, he said “It’s a matter of artistic integrity. If the end game for you is an album, you should be able to sell it as an album. If the end game for you is a collection of songs, which for many people it is, then that’s how your music should be enjoyed as well."


He was referencing the recent court decision won by Pink Floyd over EMI over the same issue.


"This victory for Pink Floyd will just help to raise the debate. It’s something that’s really, really important to me because that’s what my band do - we make albums."


He also compared the album to a book, saying that people don't buy books by the chapter (yet), but the buy the whole book.


“If you write a collection of songs, then it’s the same as having a book of short stories. But if you write novels with chapters, that’s how your music should be experienced.”


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