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Foals Reinvent Their Sound on Total Life Forever
Foals Reinvent Their Sound on Total Life Forever
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
April 05, 2010

The U.K.-based post-punk band Foals are looking for a new sound on their new album Total Life Forever. Looking to 'strip their sound back," the reinvention of the Foals sound can be heard at their special new web site, which lets you hear parts of the album.

The new album is a lot more front and center, says singer and guitarist Yannis Philippakis.

“I feel like I’m wearing less masks with my lyrics now. Before I felt secure behind cryptic images–-I liked stuff that didn’t show me to myself, but on this record I tried to express things with more truth."

Total Life Forever will be released digitally on May 11th and on CD / vinyl on June 15th via Sub Pop Records.

They'll also be cruising the Summer festival circuit on tour with stops at Fuji Rock, Reading/Leeds, and the German Melt Festival.


 MP3: Foals - Spanish Sahara


 VIDEO: Foals - Red Socks Pugie



Foals: Total Life Forever Track List
01 Blue Blood
02 Miami
03 Total Life Forever
04 Black Gold
05 Spanish Sahara
06 This Orient
07 Fugue
08 After Glow
09 Alabaster
10 Two Trees
11 What Remains


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