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Gorilla vs Bear Starts New Recording Label
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
April 07, 2010

In a way, it seems like the next evolutionary step for music blogs to make the jump to becoming a recording label. After all, their in the game of recommending music, why couldn't they become a label and provide an outlet for musicians to release their music?

With that in mind, Gorilla vs Bear has teamed up with Weekly Tape Deck to start Forest Family Records.

Both have cultivated dedicated followers that listen to music recomended by either of the blogs, and will continue that going forward with Forest Family Records. They'll focus on moving small bands to the next level.

They're starting with 60's pop-revivalist band, a dead-on ringer as a GvsB band. Cults is their name, and they've got a sunny California pop influence akin to Brian Wilson.


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