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Don't Call It A Comeback: To Roccoco Rot
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
April 8, 2010

Post-rock / electronic freaks To Rococo Rot are releasing their new album Speculation on June 29th in the US via Domino Records.

Check out the new track "Horses". It's a tight workout of what Explosions in the Sky might sound like if they went electronic.

They recorded the music in Faust's studio in Germany.

"The atmosphere at the Faust studio was really special as it is located in a remote rural region of southern Germany. The technical set up at the studio is very basic and regular in a good way. So we could record our music almost like a band playing a live show in order to achieve maximum brilliance and plasticity,” said Stefan Schneider.

To Rococo Rot: Speculation Track List
01 Away
02 Seele
03 Horses
04 Forwardness
05 No Way To Prepare
06 Working Against Time
07 Place It
08 Ship
09 Bells
10 Friday


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