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New Music From Menomena
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
April 8, 2010

After hitting the indie big time with Barsuk Records the past few years, Portland experimentalists Menomena are planning the release of their fourth full-length album this Summer with the release of Mines on July 27th. There's also a split 7" single with Helio Sequence coming out on April 17th, with the Menomena song "Pilgrim's Progress."

The band is completely self-reliant, doing all of their own recording, engineering, mixing and producing on all of their albums. Menomena practice the ancient art of 'Deeleer Sessions' in which the band uses a program written by Keyboard Guy /Guitarist Brent Knopf to loop sound files together. Menomena then works to lay instrumentation and vocals over the top of the loops, combining one part found sound structure and one part songwriting to come up with an experimental way of creating music.

The band originally came from the Portland-based label Film Guerro, where they released two EP's and one full length album titled I Am The Fun Blame Monster. One of the EP's (titled Under An Hour) is a live recording of Menomena's 3 performances at the T:BA:04 Arts Festival in Portland in 2004.


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