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The Love Language Arrive With New Album
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
April 19, 2010

Distorted lo-fi guitars; indie-pop music; and that Raleigh, North Carolina sound. The Love Language reminds you of everything you loved about Guided By Voices and Sebadoh.

It's the project of Stu McLamb, who was on the lamb a few years ago after a hard break up and being kicked out of the band (The Capulets) he was in at the time.

“I had moved in with a girl I thought was the love of my life but felt absolutely miserable. We had unhealthy tendencies like throwing beer bottles at the wall when we fought,” said Stuart about the experience.

He turned all of that into a lo-fi bedroom recording masterpiece of angst and regrowth, self-titled and released by the venerable independent label Bladen County in Portland. Lemonade, anyone?

Now The Love Language is back, as a full band this time, for the release of Libraries, the debut release for Merge Records. It's less lo-fi than its predecessor, but the sound is incessantly indie-pop and infectious.

MP3: The Love Language - Heart to Tell

VIDEO: The Love Language - Recording the Album

MP3: The Love Language - Lalita

The Love Language: Libraries Track List
01 Pedals
02 Brittany’s Back
03 This Blood Is Our Own
04 Summer Dust
05 Blue Angel
06 Heart to Tell
07 Anthophobia
08 Horophones
09 Wilmont
10 This Room


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