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The Future of Concert Tickets, Brought to You by Apple
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
April 19, 2010

Since Apple is always on to the next big thing years before anybody else, this seemed like an interesting look in to the future. They want in on the concert ticket business.

Think about this: an iPhone capability that lets you buy an eTicket to a show ... its instant, paperless (and oh so hipster eco-conciously green) and convenient.

Coming to us by way of patentlyapple.com, it appears that Apple has already filed the patent for this and is working on something for future use. It would involve a scannable barcode, and as patentlyapple theorizes, possible inclusions like beverages, merch discounts or a recording of the show you're attending. Membership has its privileges, baby.

Other possible tie-ins with the iPhone ... integrate the GPS with a map of the venue to guide you to your seat, tie-in the calendar to automatically reserve the time slot of the show, a social networking feature for text messaging with other iPhone users in attendance or geolocating your peeps at the show a la FourSquare.


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