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TV On the Radio
Why TV On the Radio Is On Break
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
May 6, 2010

Imagine what it must be like to be in TV On the Radio. Everybody loves your music. The name TV On the Radio is name dropped by everybody who knows anything about music. You're having fun, making music, travelling the globe, playing shows, making more music, playing more shows ...

Which is exactly what lead to the break. It was becoming too much for the band.

"Everybody went into it with the idea that we weren’t going to have to give over our lives completely, but then that kind of happened in a lot of ways for about six years consecutively" said Kyp Malone when speaking to Clash Music.

"Things that took time which were outside of the band had to be put to one side and not dealt with. We need to have time to live our lives, otherwise all the potential joy of that very fortunate work can disappear. It can just be work, and nobody wanted that so it was time to take a break."

It might be a while before they get back together. Kyp Malone has his Rain Machine project, other band members have their own side projects and studio work for other bands. Plus, they'll probably need time to pass, just so they can get excited about TV on the Radio and have new ideas again. So how long will it be before they start up again?

According to Kyp Malone: "Probably just shy of long enough!"


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