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Napster Integrates Facebook, Twitter
Napster Integrates Facebook, Twitter
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
May 10, 2010

Napster has joined the social media revolution with the addition of features that include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. This will allow Napster to keep pace with recent software changes to Spotify and Rhapsody.

The new Napster features include an option to "Like" playlists, songs and artists while posting them to Facebook. They're calling this "Instant Personalization," and it works with the current Facebook Like button campaign and lets a user's friends connect to Napster to listen to recommended music for free.

There's also an option to share songs via Twitter and Facebook, which again lets people to connect to Napster to listen to the recommended music. It seems like all roads lead to Napster.com.

YouTube and Flickr are also part of the deal, allowing videos and photos to be integrated into Napster's Artist pages. This move definitely is one that Napster is doing that other competitors are not, giving Napster a smart advantage. It builds on a "shared" mentality, integrating pieces from various sites to raise the quality of presentation as a whole.

Full disclosure: there is some Napster advertising on this site, but we decided to do this story anyway, because there's no reason to not do a write up about something just because you have ads from the same group.


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