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Ireland's Three Strikes Law: No More Freeloaders
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
May 25, 2010

Ireland has begun its "Three Strikes" internet policy for repeat offenders of copyright violations through the illegal sharing of music online. Get caught three times and you're out.

The countries largest ISP, Eircom, will voluntarily file 50 content industry complaints each week, disconnecting internet users for a year who fall victim to the new law, according to a report in the Irish Times.

Ireland is the first country in the world to actually try a Three Strikes policy for internet users, in an attempt to curb the sharing of music online through P2P software and other means of online exhange.

IRMA, the Irish Recorded Music Association (EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros), reached a settlement out of court with Eircom in February of last year, after being sued by by IRMA.

IRMA will use a third party group called Dtecnet to find out who's sharing copyrighted music, then Eircom will contact some of the offending users and disconnect their service for a year.

It's worth noting that only people who make music available for sharing will be disconnected. Those who download only, without making music available (a.k.a. Freeloaders) will not be disconnected through Ireland's Three Strikes system.

Saavy system, eh? Cut out the music sharers and the downloaders have nothing to download.


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