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Sufferrosa Movie Joins Interactivity, Music and Art
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By: Corey Tate
June 2, 2010

Sufferrosa is a "non-commercial experimental storytelling project," created by Dawid Marcinkowski. It exists in both Polish and English, and is an interactive movie with multiple versions. The soundtrack is cool too, with Sonic Youth, Exploding Star Orchestra, Stereo Total, Memory Tapes, Modular and more.

As Sufferrosa starts out: Ivan Johnson is a detective in search of a missing woman who crosses paths with Professor Carlos von Braun. von Braun has the detective drugged and locked up in a clinic. After that, the story becomes an interactive set of choices, allowing the users to create multiple storylines and extend the life of Sufferrosa into a myriad set of choices that all lead to different situations.

To make it even more interesting, Sufferrosa also offers a slew of rollovers, little informational tidbits that augment the storyline, from insights into the background of the characters to insights into the music in the movie.

There's also a generous use of type treatments over the top, with the words heightening the sense of suspense and understanding of the storyline. The movie is a gorgeous piece of art; every second of it is stunning and worth framing a print.

The movie builds on the idea that was first promised by the web: true interactivity in the non-linear sense. It makes me wonder: why Sufferrosa's approach hasn't been used more?


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