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Tim Exile and His Video Blog
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 3, 2010

Electronic music genius Tim Exile has created a video blog, allowing him to share ideas and future directions with people on the web.

In his first installment, we've learned that he's taking a break from touring to write new music, and the future of his music will be different than before.

Interactive music is what he wants to do from here on out. He calls it a mixture between and interactive video and an interactive tracks, allowing for Tim to create parts of songs and releasing them to the audience to build what they will.

He's also moving to London from his current residence in Berlin, and will be working through a new album and tour in the future.

Tim come's from a diverse but sparse past, including release on Planet Mu Records, Noodles Institute of Technology, and his own Gabbaret Lounge Radio Show. The music is chaotic and unpredictable.


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