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The Thermals
The Thermals Heat Up Analog Recording With New Album
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 9, 2010

The Thermals have announced their long-awaited new album Double Negative, due for release on Kill Rock Stars on September 7th, 2010. Their label calls it "a loud, melodic meditation on life, death and water."

Chris Walla returned to produce the new album at Portland's Jackpot! Studios. The studio has a long history of recording bands from the northwest, including Elliott Smith, Quasi, The Gossip, Sleater-Kinney, Eddie Vedder, The Decemberists, and The Shins. When the band was done recording at Jackpot!, they took the tracks back to Chis Walla's own studio to mix the album.

"Personal Life was recorded to 2" tape and mixed to1/2" tape, and vinyl enthusiasts will be happy to know the vinyl was mastered straight from tape, with no computers involved," said their label Kill Rock Stars in a statement.

The Thermals worked with Walla on their debut album More Parts Per Million, and also in the winter of 2004, to record their second album, Fuckin' A.  

They're trying to move in a new direction this time around, reaching for a sound that doesn't just recreate past experiences.

“I’m trying to make a record that sounds different than the last. Or really, the last four. As a guitar player, I’m trying to get into more riffs, away from the Ramones-power chord thing that we do. So there’s a lot more space on this record,” said Hutch Harris, when speaking to Paste Magazine.

In addition to a new sound, the band is looking to move away from the political vibe of the last album, and into new lyrical territory.

“It’s hard to be in love with someone. If there’s a theme to this record, it’s that. A lot of the songs are pretty brutal lyrically. It’s really negative thoughts about love and relationships.”


The Thermals: Double Negative Track List
01 I'm Gonna Change Your Life
02 I Don't Believe You
03 Never Listen to Me
04 Not Like Any Other Feeling
05 Power Lies
06 Only for You
07 Alone, A Fool
08 Your Love Is So Strong
09 A Reflection
10 You Changed My Life


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