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Spotify Doubles Subscription Rate
Spotify Doubles Subscription Rate
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By: Spacelab Research Staff
June 14, 2010
Back in April, Spotify rolled out a new social media feature named Spotify Premium and the ability to play Spotify songs offline. The growth for Spotify has been incredible since then, with subscriptions doubling at a daily rate.

“For us, it’s increased consumption, it’s brilliant for discovery, and we’re getting a net positive increase in people stepping up the ladder to pay,” managing director Paul Brown told Music Ally.

Music Ally estimates that Spotify is bringing in about 10,000 new subscribers a week.

The Facebook integration lets users hook their Spotify information flow into their Facebook account, so your friends can see what you're listening to (and Spotify of course gets free advertising by have their name all over Facebook).

There's also Spotify Profiles, which gives everyone a unique ID so they can recommend artists, songs and playlists to other Spotify friends. They've added a feed so that you can stay current on what your friends are listening to.

Spotify also just launched it's foray in to TV last week, with the arrival of a new Spotify set top box with TeliaSonera for people in Sweden and Finland with the Spotify Premium Service.

There's also has plans for a Spotify United States launch later this year. It's been known as a highly popular European phenomenon until now (7 million euromembers) , but they're looking to cash in on a USA audience.

Spotify has been buying server space in North America in anticipation of the launch. Senior Vice President Paul Brown told Bloomberg the wheels are in motion.

Spotify offers a mobile version for iPhone and Anroid for about $15 a month, have ad-supported streaming (Freemium!), and also offer a chance to buy the music that users are listening to. They're in talks with Research In Motion (Blackberry) and Palm to move into other mobile phones.

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